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As Weather Warms, Warm Up Into Fitness At Santa Clarita Pilates Center

Santa Clarita Pilates center, Movement of Pilates offers SCV residents the opportunity to gain muscle, lose weight, and increase flexibility as winter ends and spring begins.

Now that the cold snaps of winter are passing into warmer weather, it’s time to spring into action to get into shape for sunny days ahead. The Santa Clarita Valley is known for its high temperatures, and its residents often plan to look and feel their best once the desert sun drives them into warm-weather clothing.

This year, Santa Clarita residents can rely on Movement of Pilates to help them meet their fitness goals.

By teaching Pilates “in a modern and approachable way,” Movement of Pilates specializes in helping students of “every fitness level and ability, whether (students are) bouncing back from a baby, recuperating from an injury, or training for your next marathon,” Movement of Pilates officials said. “There is no judgement here; only help, guidance and sincere friendship.”

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Movement of Pilates seeks to support students in their unique path to health and fitness by offering a variety of classes to meet different types of needs. Their sessions range from the intense and fast-paced “Express Pilates” group lesson to the full-body “Group Equipment Pilates” session to the individualized “Private Pilates Sessions,” all of which are hosted by knowledgeable, friendly and certified trainers

In addition to the above, general purpose sessions, Movement of Pilates also offers “Therapeutic Stretch Pilates” classes for people who may be recovering from injuries, or who are mostly interested in Pilates as a way of mitigating pain. Students suffering from pain or discomfort related to scoliosis may also find Movement of Pilates’ “ScolioPilates” sessions beneficial.

Because of the diversity of ages and lifestyles amongst their clientele, Movement of Pilates seeks to offer classes at times that make sense for almost any student’s schedule. Movement’s classes are offered throughout the work-week and on Saturdays, scheduled throughout the day and into the evening.

Students who are new to Pilates, or just new to Movement of Pilates, may wish to look into discount introductory offers on the “Rates and Offers” page on Movement of Pilates’ website.

Regardless of students’ past injuries or current fitness levels, Movement of Pilates instructors do their best to accommodate all. Those looking for more information may wish to check out their website or call (661) 299-7799 to find out more.