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Alleviate Pain Through ScolioPilates

The Santa Clarita Valley offers a wide array of options when looking for the right Pilates classes.  Pilates has been linked to improving several parts of the body including stamina, relaxation, and concentration.  But another potential improvement could concern those with scoliosis, and Movement of Pilates may be the answer.  

Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that occurs most often during the growth spurt just before puberty.  While it can be caused by conditions such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy, the cause of most scoliosis is unknown.  Most who have scoliosis will not require a brace or surgery, but regular checkups are still recommended in case the curvature progresses. 

Pain, however, may still be an issue and this is where Movement of Pilates in Santa Clarita comes in.  Here, a form of Pilates exists called ScolioPilates. This new form aims to manage and alleviate the pain brought on by scoliosis as well as bringing the spine to a more neutral position.

This program adds an element to scoliosis treatment many overlook, exercise.  This exercise program that utilizes the elongation to lengthen the spine towards a more neutral position.  Breathing exercises help to expand and open up areas in the lungs and ribcage that otherwise more restricted.  It also works on strength exercises to keep the spine in a more neutral position, and corrections using wedges wherever necessary.     

Movement of Pilates is the premier Pilates studio in the Santa Clarita Valley.  They offer both group and private classes taught by their energetic and experienced instructors who are ready to share their love of Pilates with every student.  

The ScolioPilates program is taught by a certified instructor experienced with students of all ages and abilities as they go through alleviating pain through the exercises.

Scoliosis effects more than 3 million Americans every year.  While it is a common condition, it doesn’t mean it should be ignored, as the symptoms of scoliosis can be very painful.  Fortunately, Movement of Pilates serves Santa Clarita residents with scoliosis, as a place where the pain can be alleviated or minimized.  Its never too early or too late to combat the effects of scoliosis.

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There are a number of places to look for Pilates classes in the Santa Clarita Valley, but there is one place where special programs are combined with quality and experienced instructors who genuinely care about the community and Pilates, Movement of Pilates.

Movement of Pilates is the premier Pilates studio in Santa Clarita, and we know that quality is of the utmost concern for our students.  We offer classes in group and private formats, as well as other services and times if your schedule requires a quicker workout.

Another service we offer is ScolioPilates.  This program is aimed at helping those suffering from scoliosis.  As we all may know, scoliosis is the sideways curvature of the spine that usually appears during puberty.  While in mot cases no treatments such as braces or surgeries are required, the condition can be chronic and follow one into adulthood along with the pain and posture.  That is where we come in.

ScolioPilates is a program that utilizes certain exercises to both alleviate pain and bring the spine into a more neutral position.  The program utilizes a variety of exercises specifically for treating scoliosis such as elongation to lengthen the spine towards a more neutral position, breathing techniques that open up the lungs and ribcage that are locked due to scoliosis, and strengthening to maintain alignment once a more neutral position is achieved.  

Under the direction of one of our talented and certified ScolioPilates instructors, students of all ages and abilities will be able to learn exercises that will alleviate scoliosis pain, but also stop any postural issues from getting worse.  

Our program helps students combat the negative effects of scoliosis and improves their quality of life by living a stronger and more pain-free life.

Scoliosis effects more than 3 million Americans every year, and while it is a common condition, we know the symptoms feel anything but common.  Its why we are dedicated to providing the best possible service with the best instructors. Our ScolioPilates program offers a chance for our students to improve their quality of life and live a better life with scoliosis after our program.