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Movement Of Pilates Helps Santa Clarita Residents Regain Mobility

There is nothing that can relieve stress more than having your body feel great.

Relieving muscle tension helps relieve the mind of what weighs on it. Tone, lengthen and strengthen your body right here in Santa Clarita with pilates.

Pilates is focused on lengthening and stretching the body while continuously using the core, back and glute regions. As a result these muscle areas are strengthened. The difficulty level can be adjusted on the machines and especially tailored to each individual’s fitness level. This makes Pilates perfect not only for beginners but also advanced athletes. There are a few different classes offered and Santa Clarita inhabitants can choose which is best for them based on their needs.

Beginner Pilates

A great option for Santa Clarita residents who are new to Pilates is to take a 4 person group beginners class. This class at Movement of Pilates will help familiarize you with the equipment and movement used in Pilates classes. The class moves at a slower pace and the instructor is able to spend more time ensuring everyone’s form is correct.

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Therapeutic Stretch Pilates

Therapeutic stretch pilates aims to stretch and strengthen areas of the body that are causing pain and muscle imbalances. Working in environments where employees are seated a lot can cause stiffness in the body that leads to pain. Activities that cause muscle imbalances are also a source of pain and stiffness. Pilates can help even out these imbalances by strengthening weaker muscle areas while simultaneously stretching the body for more immediate relief. Foam rollers are also used to massage tense areas. Both stretching and massaging muscles helps gradually increase range of motion. Consistently having a less tension prevents injury to the body. So, the class is excellent for any student no matter what their physical activity level or age.


ScolioPilaties aims to help those with curvier spines feel better and regain their mobility. The focus of ScolioPilates is to help Santa Clarita residents with disabling injuries safely move their muscles, which in turn reduces their pain and keeps their body conditioned.

Whether you are a Santa Clarita resident looking for a way to wind down or someone with an injury or a need to get stronger, Pilates at Movement of Pilates may be a great option for you.