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Get Fit During Summer With Pilates

With summer vacation in full swing, it’s time to have some fun when it comes to exercising!

Movement of Pilates in Valencia is the perfect place to come strengthen tired, sore muscles. By our definition, Pilates is an exercise approach consisting of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance abilities that improves core strength, muscle ability and better posture.

Besides reaching your fitness goals, Pilates also challenges your mind and eventually adapts to new movements and mental capabilities! Summertime is the perfect time to try Pilates. We always embrace newcomers to come and try Pilates out for themselves, as we offer private or group sessions at the pace you wish to go.

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Owner Melissa Lee takes pride in welcoming new clients into her studio each and every day and strives to make clients feel relaxed and in a more comfortable state each session.

One of the classes we showcase at Movement of Pilates is Therapeutic Stretch Pilates. Our class is composed of various stretches and movements that help target a certain area that is in pain or discomfort.

Our class involves foam rolling and massages to help clients de-stress and improve overall range of motion. After 55 minutes, your body will thank you!

One other class we offer at Movement of Pilates is ScolioPilates. Melissa Lee is a certified ScolioPilates practitioner that really loves helping clients of all ages and abilities; and our class focuses on correcting clients that deal with Scoliosis and want to improve their way of life with a more neutral position spine.

Techniques include traction, stretching, and breathing exercises that are proven to combat the effects of Scoliosis. If the gym scene doesn’t excite you, come feel incredible doing Pilates at Movement of Pilates in Valencia this summer!