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Step Into The New Year With Movement Of Pilates

The Holidays are coming to a close and it’s time to start thinking of those plans for the New Year. Pondering a workout while dreaming of Holiday food or losing that Holiday weight before the Holidays are even over isn’t something that’s at the top of everybody’s list.

With Santa Clarita’s own Movement of Pilates studio, residents and customers from all around can challenge their bodies and lose the weight they’ve been wanting to heading into the New Year and beyond.

Officials from the Santa Clarita Pilates studio report that Pilates is, “…accessible enough for any fitness level, but also challenging enough for the most advanced athlete.” Movement of Pilates customers can transform, not only the appearance and form of their body, but the way they feel as well.

Pilates is an exercise form that not only tones and strengthens but lengthens the body’s muscles. The different with Pilates as opposed to other workout is that Pilates targets and strengthens the core, back, and buttocks without bulking the body. Pilates can be a useful tool to losing weight and enjoying a mind-body workout experience. 

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Making the self a priority for the New Year doesn’t sound too bad, and it can be easier than expected with the help of Pilates as an exercise and a local studio like Movement of Pilates. 

The Santa Clarita owned, and operated Pilates studio offers a range of day, evening, and weekend classes for working residents and customers around the valet and surrounding areas to take advantage of. 

It doesn’t hurt to make health and wellness a New Year’s resolutions and at the local Movement of Pilates studio they encourage customers to, “take [their] first step toward a fitter, more flexible life.” 

Those interested in losing that pesky weight for the New Year can step into Movement of Pilates for more dynamic workouts, to seek professional help from experienced trainers, or to get a more personalized approach.