You are currently viewing ‘Movement Of Pilates’ In Santa Clarita Offers Traditional Pilates For Injury-Free And Healthy Lifestyle

‘Movement Of Pilates’ In Santa Clarita Offers Traditional Pilates For Injury-Free And Healthy Lifestyle

Reach your fitness dreams with neighborhood Pilates studio ‘Movement Of Pilates’ in Santa Clarita

Movement Of Pilates in Santa Clarita wants to take your fitness level to the next level. Offering dynamic workouts with experienced professionals, Movement Of Pilates is dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Pilates health benefits include decreased stress, improved posture, flexibility, mobility, and can help aid in many rehab plans. With group courses, private sessions, and therapeutic Pilates stretching, Movement Of Pilates offers courses that will help further your fitness ability and education of Pilates in a safe environment.

“At Movement of Pilates we pride ourselves on our dual-focus approach to wellness, presenting the original techniques of Joseph Pilates’ curriculum in a modern and approachable way,” their company website reads. “Whether you work best in a friendly group setting or prefer a private Pilates session, at Movement of Pilates you choose the workout that works best for you.”

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Scoliopilates Focuses On Scoliois Patients

Movement Of Pilates owner Melissa Lee has made it her focus to use the healing power of Pilates to improve the lives of those suffering from injury or discomfort. “My true passion is helping those that are maybe unable to find help in a traditional gym or general therapy setting due to injury, disability, or medical condition,” Lee said in a statement on the company’s website.

With scoliopilates, Lee and the rest of her team aim to improve the trouble spots that cause pain or otherwise make everyday tasks difficult to perform. 

Private Pilates Sessions

With private sessions, you’ll be matched with a professionally trained Pilates instructor who will customize a plan to meet your goals. Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain or simply looking to maintain your health and mobility, a trainer will work with you to achieve all of your objectives.

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