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Pilates Can Decrease Stress, Improve Mobility, Flexibility And Overall Body Wellness

At Movement in Pilates in Santa Clarita, we encourage everyone of all ages to practice Pilates.

Pilates can decrease stress, improve mobility, flexibility and overall body wellness. 

We offer various classes to fit your needs: 

  • Group Equipment
  • Private Pilates
  • Express Pilates
  • Stretch Pilates
  • ScolioPilates

One of our favorite classes is Stretch Pilates.

Stretching is great for your body, especially if you start at such a young age. Stretching helps you maintain a range of motion in your joints at all times.

It also improves posture, decreases back pain and prevents injury. Another great thing about stretching is you do not have to do it for an hour a day.

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You can do it for five to twenty minutes a day to improve your flexibility. Any little movement or stretch will help. 

If you do not stretch often, your muscles will shorten and become tight in your body. You will feel this sensation when you attempt to stretch. You will simply not be able to touch your toes and bend all the way down to tie your shoes. Your body will feel tight and you will have less movement. However, when you stretch overtime, your body will adjust and you will be able to move in ways you have not been able to before.

We recommend our Stretch Pilates class even if you have no experience with stretching or Pilates. It can be dangerous to stretch improperly, and can result in an injury. Our class can teach you how to properly stretch so you do not risk overstretching your very first time.

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