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Multiple Classes You Can Benefit And Burning Calories

At Movement of Pilates, we create many different ways you and your friends can benefit from the wonderful calorie burning exercises that fall in line with Pilates.

Group sessions are a great way to get into shape with others who share the same drive and mindsets as you. Motivation and support can lay in these sessions at cost efficient deals as well.

With 4 sessions bought at once you start to shave off $5 per session while simultaneously shaving off those pounds. These sessions are at 55 minute durations and incorporate full body engagement with no more than 3 members per session. Crunched on time? 55 minute sessions can easily be transformed into 30 minute sessions with Express Pilates.

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Along with ways to save, there are ways to incorporate Pilates into your life. Express Pilates is something we here at Movement of Pilates offer for those with tighter schedules, and a drive to still work on their health and fitness.

Pilates is not just for those with the ability to move and function at intense intervals either. We offer ScolioPilates which is meant as a way to deal with the discomfort of scoliosis. With these sessions, the focus is based around movements to mitigate pain, discomfort, and low range of motions you may experience with scoliosis. Along with those who deal with disabilities, we want to extend our hand to those who can use the aid of stretch therapy for dealing with things such as injuries that have left them with body and muscle imbalances. This type of class is rather less intense and aids your body with stretching, foam rolling, stress relieving massages, posture, and flexibility.

We at Movement At Pilates are more than caloric burning classes, we share our knowledge of health and fitness to those with lower ranges of motions, hopefully to the point where you can enjoy the benefits of our higher intensity classes we offer! So much is available by viewing our list of deals and class types at our Movement of Pilates website! 

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