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Reach Optimal Health And Well-being With Our Amazing Classes And Instructors

We here at Movement of Pilates welcome you rain or shine and with holidays around the corner we encourage you to continue striving to reach optimal health and well-being with our amazing classes and instructors.

Having those treats during Fall and Winter that we all know and love is nothing to worry and overthink about.

Treating ourselves during the holidays is what makes the holidays so special. As long as you can be accountable to not fall behind on the fit and physical time you put aside. Burn off the extra calories you may indulge in with Movement of Pilates.

Having a better understanding that physical activity can not only aid you and allow you to indulge in extra calories but also aid you in a mental well being is a gift you can have year round.

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A healthy lifestyle is all about balance, so do not allow things such as New Year’s resolutions limit when you decide to get fit and healthy. Start today and continue during the holidays so that by the time declarations of healthy changes by your friend and family start showing up, you already have a head start.

Movement of Pilates offers so many different group deals and some you can take in advantage of and a great gift to give anyone trying to improve their current physical well being! Start out beginners with something more simple such as our private or group sessions and even “Mix It Up” with Mat Pilates, Lunch Express Pilates and Barre classes at 20 dollars per 45 minute session! An amazing offer we can get for that bundle is knocking 5 dollars off, making it only 15 dollars if 10 or more sessions are booked!

Whether it is a gift to you or a fellow health advocate, we here at Movement of Pilates want to extend our classes to you during the season.