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Pilates Helps Improve The Alignment In Your Body, Muscle Tension And Pain Relief

Pilates is a workout to help people remain strong and healthy; it is meant to lose weight and to improve the alignment in your body, muscle tension, and pain relief. Pilates is meant for anyone and doesn’t have a certain age group to do this workout.

Movement of Pilates, located in Santa Clarita, offers many Pilate sessions to help people get their blood flowing while focusing on their mind and wellness. The Pilate classes that they have to offer to the public are: private session, group equipment, express, therapeutic stretch, and scolio. 

If someone is suffering with pain or discomfort in their muscles Santa Clarita’s Movement of Pilates is specialized to fix the problem. ScolioPilates—one of the classes they offer—focuses on affected injuries, disability, and medical conditions. The class is meant to have the client feel better and feel improvement after their first class.

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Movement of Pilates has dedicated and passionate instructors to help their clients with any problems they are in need of. They specialize in almost every fitness level and only want to guarantee satisfaction to their client so that they can build a relationship with them.

Unexpected plans often get in the way of a Pilates session and leads to the client having to miss the session and reschedule. This can upset and stress out the client because they were planning on attending their session. 

Fortunately, Pilates does not require any equipment and can do it in the comfort of your own home! Here are a few workouts that are easy to do:

  • Glute bridges
  • Lying legs extension
  • Side lying leg abduction
  • Back Extensions
  • Deadlift upright row
  • Lying windshield wiper
  • Single leg stretch
  • Swimming pose

These workouts focus more on beginners who are trying to make Pilates a daily routine in their life. When doing these workouts, start out with 15 reps so you can work your way up while improving the workout styles.

It is recommended to start the workouts in the morning for 20 minutes to have your mind and body in a relaxed state. 

It is common that people want to focus on the injury area on their body. Pain injury workouts can be done at home if the client cannot make the class.

Make a change today and book a class session with Santa Clarita’s Movement of Pilates.