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Treat Scoliosis And Help Return Spine To Its Normal Position By Practicing ScolioPilates

Movement of Pilates provides the Santa Clarita Valley with an intimate environment in which they can take Pilates classes from some of the best instructors available.

At Movement of Pilates, our five trainers form a close-knit team that is dedicated to creating Pilates courses for people of all levels. For people everywhere, scoliosis is a serious problem that severely impacts their daily lives. One of the best ways to treat Scoliosis and help return the spine to its normal position is by practicing ScolioPilates at Movement of Pilates.

Melissa Lee, one of our five trainers and owner of Movement of Pilates, is fully certified to practice ScolioPilates and help people in Santa Clarita find relief from the pain and troubles created by Scoliosis. This special form of Pilates, in combination with other fundamental Pilates techniques, can help realign, restrengthen, and revitalize the spines of people who have been suffering from Scoliosis.

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Melissa has been working in the Pilates industry for 18 years, and knows she can help people find relief from the pain they’ve been experiencing due to Scoliosis. This great method helps people find long-lasting relief that keeps their spine in place so they can remain healthy and happy while doing the things they love to do.

To find out how you can schedule an appointment and get involved in the incredible Movement of Pilates family, visit their website by clicking here or give them a call at (661) 299-7799. Everyone at Movement of Pilates is extremely passionate about creating a welcoming, family-style environment that everyone feels comfortable participating in. No matter your skill level, Movement of Pilates has a trainer and a session that is right for you.

We offer group and private sessions and our rates are extremely affordable. To see a list of all the classes we offer, click here to explore our entire website and find out why we are the best Pilates studio in the Santa Clarita Valley.