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Pilates Exercises You Can Do During Holiday Season

In Santa Clarita there is a Pilates center that specializes in every fitness level and ability called Movement of Pilates.

“I love Pilates! It has been such a great workout for me. I feel like it is less strenuous on my body, yet still very challenging. I feel like my core is so much stronger. Melissa is the greatest! She is fun and she cares about you and your body! It is a joy to go see her twice a week,” says Pilates member Kaye G.

The specialists at Movement of Pilates make it their priority to help their clients achieve their goals and help them to any injuries that need recovery.

The most common downside is if you have a busy schedule and need to cancel your appointment. The great thing about Pilates workouts is that it can be done at home!

Thinking about the holidays coming up will be an additional stress alert since many people want to stay fit.

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Here are three effective ways to stay fit at home:

  • Glute Bridge

This is an easy Pilates workout to do for anyone and it does not have an age limit. Glute bridges are meant strengthen your core, hamstrings, lower back, abs, and butt area. This required a mat or any comfortable place for you to rest your back. You will lift your belly to the ceiling and make sure you feel your butt clinching.

  • Windshield Wipers

To perform this exercise, you will need to lie on your back with both arms straight out on the sides. Start from the middle and rotate your legs to the left and right without touching the floor. The legs can either be upwards position or you can bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. This exercise will build the rotational core.

  • Back Extensions

This exercise is known to help with your back. Place yourself on a mat with your stomach facing down and straighten out your legs. Place your arms straight in front of you and lift your arms and legs together. Repeat as many times as needed.

Remember to stretch before performing any exercise