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A Unique Way To Approach Health With Movement Of Pilates

Pilates, a unique combination of stretching, strength training, and cardio, is a holistic exercise that focuses on whole-body health and benefits.

The most popular exercise class in California, Pilates is totally customizable to what you need. Every body is different, every person’s goals different.

Movement of Pilates is a Pilates studio that focuses on exercise, rehabilitation, and more located in Santa Clarita. Owner and trainer Melissa Lee takes her 20 years of fitness experience and 18 years of Pilates instruction and uses her expertise to help people recover from injury, lessen scoliosis, strengthen muscles, and more.

“We specialize in every fitness level and ability, whether you’re bouncing back from a baby, recuperating from an injury or training for your next marathon. There is no judgement here; only help, guidance and sincere friendship,” states Movement of Pilates.

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The training staff at Movement of Pilates has a vast range of experiences and education, ranging from ScolioPilates, to marathon running, special needs classification, sports medicine, exercise physiology, and more! No one better understands individual needs than the staff at Movement of Pilates, many of whom have found Pilates to be their preferred method of exercise and recovery.

“After signing up, you will be paired up with one of our kind and experienced instructors who will tailor a complete Pilates regime designed to target each of your wellness goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, increase flexibility or simply blow off a little steam, Pilates delivers,” Movement of Pilates says.

Pilates is a great first option, but people are often drawn to Pilates after other traditional exercises or rehabilitations have failed. Whether your goal is to improve range of motion in a joint, rebuild core muscles after pregnancy, or you cannot stand running, Pilates is the solution. 

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