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Are You Looking For A More Flexible And Fitter Lifestyle

Look no further than Valencia’s premier Pilates studio, Movement of Pilates.

Anyone of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to come enjoy a life changing art that helps heal the human body in numerous ways. At Movement of Pilates, we offer a unique approach of dynamic Pilates exercises with top-of-the-line equipment.

Such movements will improve overall stability, strength and flexibility. Our training staff at Movement of Pilates are very knowledgeable and are more than ready to help you squash all of your fitness goals!

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Our classes offered at Movement of Pilates vary from beginner to advanced, group settings or private sessions, and 55 minute sessions, or express Pilates, for a quick 30 minute revitalizer that’ll be sure to make you feel better than you did coming in. If you’re bouncing back from an injury, Therapeutic Pilates may be the best option as you heal.

Therapeutic Pilates combines stretching exercises along with massage techniques that are proven to reduce stress, improve motion, posture and flexibility. Whatever brings you into Movement of Pilates, will have you feeling restored and relieved. Visit us at Movement of Pilates in Valencia, you will not regret it!