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Group And Private Pilates Sessions Offered By Movement Of Pilates In Santa Clarita

Movement of Pilates in Santa Clarita offers group and private Pilates sessions to help people get their body moving. Movement of Pilates offers classes for group equipment, private pilates, express pilates, stretch pilates and Scoliopilates. 

“Pilates is a full-body workout that tones, strengthens and lengthens muscles while continuously working the core – stomach, back and buttocks – without building bulk. Using a series of controlled movements on specially designed apparatus or a mat, you’ll enjoy a mind-body workout accessible enough for any fitness level, but also challenging enough for the most advanced athlete,” – Movement of Pilates Website

Movement of Pilates offers workouts that focus on improving core stability and posture, while increasing flexibility and stretch. They have five experienced trainers including the owner, Melissa Lee. The variety of trainers and expertise makes it easy to find what classes and movements will fit your needs.

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Group Equipment Pilates is a fifty minute full-body conditioning and strength-building class. Express Pilates is a thirty minute cardio and Pilates moves class geared towards muscle strengthening. Therapeutic Stretch Pilates is a fifty-five minute class which focuses on gentle Pilates. This class includes extra stretching, motion focus and foam rolling to heal pain spots and imbalance. 

ScolioPilates is run by owner Melissa Lee. Lee is a certified ScolioPilates practitioner, and has out of state clients that come just for ScolioPilates sessions. ScolioPilates is for people who suffer from scoliosis. 

It is a three-dimensional exercise program that utilizes elongation to lengthen the spine back towards neutral. ScolioPilates can also include breathing techniques to open up areas of the ribcage and lungs that the shape of scoliosis prevents.

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