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Group Exercise For A Healthy Body And Mind

Exercise has become so important to Santa Clarita and the cities in Los Angeles County that the rest of the country pokes fun at the “fact” that we are image obsessed.

While exercise is incredibly important for the way we look, it’s even more important for the way we feel. That’s why so many people have turned to group exercise to enhance the already positive effects that exercise has. 

Exercise is one of the most important activities you can do to keep yourself healthy. It’s been proven that even just going on regular brisk walks can decrease your chances of heart disease and the amount of stress you’re feeling. More vigorous exercise like lifting weight or pilates have even more benefits. Among some of them are improved mental health, decrease in heart disease risk, and added confidence. The benefits of exercise are obvious, but when exercising in a group environment, these benefits are even better. 

Group exercise enhances the benefits that solo exercise has and can give you much more than solo workouts could ever offer. One of the best benefits group exercise could offer is the camaraderie you feel from your fellow exercise enthusiasts. If you decide to give group exercise a try, definitely enter the class with the goal of making some friends. Having friends in your workout class helps you to look forward to the class instead of dreading it. More importantly, friends add an element of competition and reward. 

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Friendly competitions in group exercise classes are the most fun way to get into shape. Competing to see who can burn more calories, sprint faster, hold a plank longer, or whatever else you can think of helps you to view exercise as fun instead of punishment. This also pushes you and your partner to exercise more vigorously, drastically improving the health benefits that exercise has. 

On days of intense classes or when you don’t feel like you have the energy, group classes offer an element that solo exercise doesn’t have: encouragement. Your peers around you encourage you to keep going, believing in you even if you don’t believe in yourself at that moment. This helps you to push yourself and get to goals you didn’t even think were possible, even though they were incredibly challenging. 

The best part about group exercise is that all the fun and camaraderie you have helps you to feel less of the burn that comes with workout out. Working out helps endorphins — the chemical that helps you feel enjoyment — rush into your nervous system, which is how exercise can improve your mental state. Group exercise enhances this release of endorphins because of the fun you are having. This increase of endorphins helps to override the burning sensation in your muscles and help you to feel less discomfort while working out! 

If you’re like me, you enjoy looking your best at all times. Even more so, you enjoy feeling your best at all times. Exercise is great for that, but group exercise is even better. For a fun group exercise experience, visit Movement of Pilates and try out one of their group exercise classes! Located in Santa Clarita, Movement of Pilates will help you feel stronger, better, and more fit without adding tons of bulk to your figure. Try out the exercise style that thousands are falling in love with and don’t forget to bring a friend to get all of the benefits of group exercise!