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Promoting Physical Rehabilitation Through Pilates

In Santa Clarita, there seems to be a fitness related business on every corner. From athletic clubs and gyms to fitness gear retail stores, they line the streets.

With so many options, it’s difficult to pick the perfect fitness program for you. That’s why many people are flocking towards Pilates, one of the fastest growing workout regimes of today’s day and age. People are trying out pilates because of its stabilization focussed workouts and are staying because its ability to rehabilitate and even prevent injuries.

Injuries occur because we put unnecessary strain on muscles that aren’t supposed to maintain pressure. This happens when we move inefficiently and incorrectly. Movements and positions such as slouching, slumping over a computer screen, and looking down at a phone all day can push our primary muscles out of the way and put all the weight on our secondary muscles, the ones that are only meant to give us support. This makes the primary muscles weaker, the secondary muscles stronger, and increases our chances of injury.

Pilates is designed to combat the behaviors that lead to injury. Maintaining proper posture, core strength, and stability are staples that pilates workouts use to manage that. By focusing on these three aspects of fitness, pilates helps its patrons to build strength in the muscles that are meant to carry constant weight, retrain them to position their bodies so that their secondary muscles are only used for support, and greatly reduce the risk of injury.

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For the people who are already injured, pilates rehabilitates by targeting the muscles around the injured one. By strengthening those, the injured muscle has more support and can work less as it heals. When it is healed, pilates works on strengthening that muscle as well.

Many are using pilates as a means of physical rehabilitation after learning about its benefits, however they do so with caution. Pilates is a great way to rehabilitate an injured muscle when coupled with physical training techniques, says Kris Bosch, President of the Buffalo, NY Northstar Pilates, but when it is done incorrectly, the workouts can actually aggravate the muscle and make the injury even worse.

That’s why it’s important to find a pilates instructor that has had experience in physical therapy. The perfect place to find an instructor like this is the Santa Clarita based Movement of Pilates!

Movement of Pilates is dedicated to helping its patrons develop strength and fitness through pilates, but is also focused on providing physical therapy to its clients who need it. Classes like Therapeutic Stretch Pilates help to rehabilitate injuries while ScolioPilates focuses on alleviating the pain that comes with scoliosis and can even straighten out the backs of those afflicted! Visit Movement of Pilates for an effective and fun way to stay fit and keep yourself free of injuries.