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Pilates Helps Get People Their Bodies In Shape

With summer only months away, many people are starting to work on getting that healthier body everyone expects from Southern Californians.

For this reason, so many people are trying Movement of Pilates’ classes and are discovering how pilates can help you achieve that body goal. 

Pilates has been around for years and was mainly an exercise form that was dedicated to the rehabilitation of sports injuries. Since then, people began to realize that Pilates workouts can help them benefit in everyday life.

Pilates improves posture and keeps muscles strong enough to keep away unwanted injuries that occur from everyday life. Today, millions are enjoying Pilates as their main exercise form. 

Historically rehabilitation based, Pilates is an exercise form that still performs exercises that target the same outcomes that rehabilitation exercises do. Outcomes such as improved posture require core activation in every exercise, so be ready for a great core workout. Many of the exercises have elements of balance that target the core as much as they do other, more obvious, muscles. 

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For example, one of these exercises involves lifting one leg into the air while pushing your hips off the ground with the other leg. While this seems like a heavy leg and glute exercise, you are using your core just as much to keep your hips level and to keep yourself from falling. 

Other exercises involve resistance bands to add strength in places that can’t be targeted without resistance bands. Muscles in your back and some in your arms like your biceps cannot be easily targeted without resistance bands. So Pilates uses them for exercises like back rows to help strengthen your back. 

One of the most important parts of Pilates is the technique that users employ. Proper technique makes sure that every muscle that the muscle is supposed to target is being used and that the exerciser is working as efficiently and safely as possible. Because of the importance of technique in Pilates, many members often take a few private lessons to ensure that they are properly performing all of the exercises. If they aren’t, the private instructor can watch you individually and make sure that any changes to your technique are made so that you can perform better in group classes. 

For private or group classes, visit the Santa Clarita based Movement of Pilates. Instructors there work with Pilates beginners at any fitness level to help you lose weight, gain strength, and achieve the healthy body that you deserve.