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Movement Of Pilates Can Improve Overall Energy, Focus, Muscle Strength, Body Posture And Flexibility

As the fitness and health movement continues to expand, it can be difficult to find a routine that is tailored to your specific goals and desires. Anyone can join a local gym or fitness center, but it is not guaranteed that you will be provided with the proper tools & knowledge to improve your body in a way that works just for you.

The practice of Pilates is a growing method for health and wellness that has helped millions of people attain physical feats other options couldn’t provide. The therapeutic techniques of Pilates are used to reduce stress and improve overall energy, focus, muscle strength, body posture and flexibility.

Santa Clarita’s very own Movement of Pilates studio offers just that and more, helping protect and improve the body while keeping it from further injury. They exceed expectations with dynamic exercises and workouts that embody all your personal wellness needs. Founded by Melissa Lee, she has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry and 18 years in the pilates community. Her true passion is helping those unable to find assistance in a conventional gym or therapy setting due to medical conditions, injuries or disabilities. In addition to working with rehab-based clients, Melissa teaches 15 mixed-equipment classes every week to clients of all skill levels. 

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With a primary focus on improving your overall health, their advanced equipment allows you to progress in much more than just posture and flexibility, but also core strength and stability. Their qualified trainers provide educated guidance and challenge your limits in a friendly way with zero judgment. Their personalized approaches differ from broad exercises because they have proven exercises for every body type and issue, ranging from limited mobility, injury recovery, or something as simple as a much needed-stretch. Pilates is a pleasant and peaceful method to not only rejuvenate your body but also concentrate on problem areas that need extra attention. 

In addition to helpful Pilates approaches like foam rolling, motion concentration, therapeutic stretch and massage, they also specialize in ScolioPilates, a practice focused on relieving pain correlated with Scoliosis. This course succeeds in the realignment and strengthening of the spine and prevents postural issues from worsening to create a pain-free future for Movement of Pilates clients in the Santa Clarita Valley.

A more than satisfied client raved; “I’ve been going to Melissa for a few years and have had nothing but excellent experiences. She has a special ability to know just how far to push your body for results and lets you work at your own desired pace. After a previous injury and back surgery, I tried several physical therapy places and was not happy with the results. With Melissa, the results are remarkable and I finally have my balance back. “

Under the direction of Movement of Pilates’ certified instructors, students of all ages and abilities will learn exercises that will last a lifetime and provide them a peaceful relationship between the mind and body. Visit their website today to see which class works best for you!