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Santa Clarita Gym-Goers Prepare To Return To Their Training At Movement Of Pilates

Santa Clarita gym-goers prepare to return to their training at Movement of Pilates during the Phase 3 reopening of California after a 3-month stay at home order.

Movement of Pilates in Santa Clarita provides a widely customizable fitness and wellness regime to tailor to all individuals, regardless of experience, ability and fitness level.

Each class offered, taught through a “dual-focus approach to wellness,” reflects the principles and techniques of Joseph Pilates’ teachings in a revolutionized way: combining traditional methods with selective body targets and goals.

Supplying various class options including private, group, zoom, and accelerated sessions, Movement of Pilates caters to any and all fitness needs, targeting painful problem areas to progress athletic training, birth recuperation or injury recovery.

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Known for its adaptability to reach fitness goals, Pilates utilizes various techniques to supply results for whole-body fitness, core strength development, posture and energy.

As a much less strenuous workout compared to traditional gym regimes, Movement of Pilates in Santa Clarita has become a leading Pilates institution due to its noticeable delivery of physical results as well as healing for those with injuries, disabilities and medical conditions.

Private sessions from Movement of Pilates will provide the guidance of an expert and a combination of exercises customized to an individual’s goals and needs, while also relieving the stress and tension of problem areas.

Movement of Pilates in Santa Clarita serves as a large source of injury recovery and pain relief through the offering of classes that deal with pain and discomfort through ScolioPilates and Therapeutic Stretch Pilates. 

Alleviating pain associated with scoliosis has become another strength of Movement of Pilates as Melissa Lee, owner and ScolioPilates practitioner, teaches classes for spine realignment through mild corrective exercises.

Recovery from physical injuries and relieved tension of sore muscles can also be attained through the Therapeutic Stretch Pilates Program, focusing on problem areas to protect from further injury. 

Both of these workout regimes soothe chronic pain and realign balance through the stretching of painful spots in the body, while simultaneously pushing the body to reach desired goals. 

For more information about options and availability, contact Movement of Pilates directly through their website or by calling (661) 299-7799.