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Movement Of Pilates In Santa Clarita Can Help Get Your Body Moving

Santa Clarita’s premier Pilates studio, Movement of Pilates, helps get your body moving by offering group and private Pilates sessions.

Movement in Pilates presents the techniques of Joseph Pilates in a modern and approachable way and pride themselves on their dual-focus approach to wellness.

Whether it be in a friendly group session or a more intense private session, they have a team of experienced and energetic instructors on hand. You choose the workout that will be the best for you for success.

The Movement of Pilates team specializes in all fitness levels and abilities. Whether you just had a baby, recovering from an injury, or training for your next marathon, the team is there to help guide you to meet your goals.

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There are a variety of classes offered at Movement of Pilates, depending on your interest or need:

Group Equipment Pilates is a 55 minute group session, offering a deep, full-body conditioning and strength-building workout.

Express Pilates is a 30 minute, slightly shorter workout for those that want to get their workout in less time. Class combines cardio on the jumpboard with rapid transitions into Pilates moves.

Therapeutic Stretch Pilates is great for someone who is recovering from an injury. It is a 55 minute, gentle Pilates session, focusing on some of the trouble spots that may be causing you pain or imbalance.

ScolioPilates is led by owner and certified ScolioPilates practitioner, Melissa Lee, who will work with the “curviest of spines” to get you feeling better while showing the healing power of Pilates.

Private Pilates Session pairs you up with an experienced instructor. Your instructor will help you target each of your wellness goals. It is the ultimate personalized Pilates experience!

Whether you are recovering from an injury, seeking to lose weight, or just interested in continuing your health goals, Movement of Pilates in Santa Clarita has something for you.