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Maintain Your New Year’s Resolution With Pilates

Having trouble sticking with New Year’s resolutions can be the greatest issue among all who are seeking a healthier body composition and healthier exercise routine in their life.

Make sure you are keeping the New Year’s Resolutions you set for yourself, we at Movement of Pilates are here for your structural and motivational issues you may be experiencing.

With our team of bright, experienced, and motivational trainers we can work with all our clients and their personal goals. Staying fit is a mindset. We will coach you through our programs that are designed to burn calories and give you that push you might need.

As January is gone and the month of February settles in, ask yourself if the goal you set is still being worked on with the same mentality it was created with. If not, Movement of Pilates will assist you with our programs that range in many diverse bundles and offers under our Rates and Classes Tab on our Movement of Pilates web page.

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Our trainers will allow these classes to be filled with heart pumping, motivational, and goal sticking vibes you need.

The mindset of fitness lies with the goals you have. Do not only create fitness and health goals, but make sure these goals are realistic and achievable within the time you set for them.

When we create unreachable and unrealistic goals, it can easily become frustrating when in a week we haven’t gained a six pack or lost 10 plus pounds. Having goals like these are not only unrealistic for everyday people, but they are extremely unhealthy due to them being a fine line in body shaming and self-doubting ourselves.

Understanding goals that deal with fitness and body composition are best executed when they are achieved over a period of time and not just a week or two.

Staying positive when you get off track is vital as well when sticking to goals you make! Keep yourself up instead of putting yourself down when you miss a workout, as long as you understand that the goals you put in place can be achieved with proper/positive emotions, attitude, and commitment you can and will achieve them.