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Time To Prepare For Your 2022 Health & Fitness Goals

The most common New Years’ goal is undoubtedly to be healthier.

The problems start immediately after, as most of us don’t know the best way to start down that road.

How do I take my busy schedule and add more to it?

Movement of Pilates studio in Santa Clarita is a great step one. A vital part of being healthier, feeling good, is regular exercise.

Movement of Pilates has multiple options for their clients, from private instruction to group classes, everything you need to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Owner and trainer Melissa Lee has taken her 20 years of fitness experience and 18 years of Pilates instruction and her expertise to help people recover from injury, lessen scoliosis, strengthen muscles, and more.

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Her studio, Movement of Pilates, is located in Santa Clarita, where she employs additional trainers with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

“Helping improve the health of your body is our number one focus. For that reason, our team of all-star trainers is here to offer hands-on instruction and friendly guidance, but not judgment. Whatever your wellness goals, we’re here to make them into a reality!” says Movement of Pilates. 

With expertise in yoga, marathon-running, ScolioPilates, sports medicine, and of course, pilates, the trainers at Movement of Pilates are armed with holistic knowledge and experience to help bring you the results you want. 

The dynamic workouts familiar to pilates experts is designed to lengthen, strengthen, and stabilize your body all while improving heart and lung health as well. Unlike traditional weight training or plain cardio, Pilates strengthens and lengthens your body. 

Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve flexibility, stabilize your balance, recover from surgery, injury, or a baby, Pilates with Melissa Lee is the way to go. Located right here in Santa Clarita, it is the best option for all valley residents. 

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