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The Perfect Blend Of Compassionate & Motivating Trainers And Workout Equipment

The Santa Clarita Valley is home to many fitness and health minded people as well as numerous businesses aiding citizens such as Movement of Pilates.

Our goal is to be a sanctuary to those not only trying to get their bodies active but also keeping their bodies in the composition they strive for is our mission. When many can easily become lost or simply intimidated by the environment of an average gym chain or a bootcamp style workout gym, our experienced trainers will easily transition you into the many dynamic workouts and routines that fit your personal goals and comfort.

We at Movement of Pilates give new and continuing members access to the next step in their weight loss journey by toning up your body by building lean muscle with the many dynamic workouts we offer.

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Whether you enjoy group or personal sessions, our workouts include deep 45 minute full body conditioning with controlled movements. All this improves the inactive muscles from the core all the way to the glutes.

The routines will also be improving your body posture, flexibility, and letting you release any steam from your life that you carry with you all day and week. The caloric burn that you will receive can be the best way to start or finish your day and get you the body composition you need to get that confidence you’ve been craving in your body.

The average range can be from 150 calories to nearly 300 calories burned in just 45 to 50 minute sessions; now add a few sessions a week and you’re burning more calories than you would in a blind self-assigned workout with no trainer in some average gym.

Pilates is one of the most efficient, easiest, and non-intimidating ways to begin your health journey and even if you decide to stray into further exercises outside of pilates, a spot will always be there for you in our schedule.

With the perfect blend of compassionate/ motivating trainers and workout equipment do not hesitate to give us a visit at 26267 Prima Way, Santa Clarita, CA 91350.