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At Movement Of Pilates In Santa Clarita, We Offer Services To Fit Everyone’s Needs

Whether you are recovering from an injury, have scoliosis, or want to focus on your flexibility, we have the classes for you.

We offer private sessions and group sessions based on your needs. If you sign up for our private session, you will be paired up with an instructor designed to target your goals.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or increase flexibility, private sessions make sure the focus is all on you.

It can be difficult to ask specific goal-oriented questions during a group class. Private sessions can make sure you know exactly how to reach your goals so you can focus on yourself in a group setting. 

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Our group equipment pilates classes provide a full-body conditioning and strength training workout. Pilates is a mind-body workout that focuses on controlled movements for any fitness level.

Our group classes are designed for all clients no matter your experience and level of pilates. It is a learning environment where we all help each other push through and finish the workout. 

While our group classes can last up to one hour, we also offer express pilates classes to accommodate our clients who have a hectic schedule.

This class is 30 minutes long and we do recommend you having prior pilates experience.

Since it is a more fast-paced environment we work in more cardio with rapid transitions, and less one on one guidance. 

One area of expertise we offer that makes us stand out is our ScolioPilates class.

Our owner, Melissa Lee, works with clients affected by injury, disability and medical conditions. We know how difficult it can be to feel physically comfortable in your own body, so we strive to make our sessions work for clients with various kinds of backgrounds.

If you are interested in booking a class with us at Movement of Pilates in Santa Clarita, visit our website: