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Obtain The Full Bodily Comfort That Scoliosis Strips Away

Many suffering discomfort due to scoliosis could feel as if they have no way of obtaining the full bodily comfort that scoliosis strips away.

Don’t think that symptoms of awkward posture and pain only arise in elderly men and women. In fact, scoliosis is shown to be prominent in very young children who often hit a growth spurt just before the stages of puberty.

While the symptoms of scoliosis seem painful, discomforting, and devastating, a way to reduce and even prevent further postrial issues lies in Santa Clarita’s Movement of Pilates service of  ScolioPilates.

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With ScolioPilates patients go through pain alleviating stretches, breathing techniques, and exercises allow you to obtain the posture you need.

With the stretching exercises you transition the spine into a neutral and appropriate position through elongation. Many who slouch while working at the office, sitting through class lectures, or could just use better posture just while walking can all notice the toll of pain that is put through daily activities.

If sitting up straight isn’t enough for your pain alleviation let the experts at Movement of Pilates such as Melissa Lee coach your next ScolioPilates session. Melissa Lee is far more than an average coach for these ScolioPilates sessions; Melissa is also the owner of Movement of Pilates. Her studies in 2018 allowed her to further her 20 years in fitness to become an official ScolioPilates instructor with 5 years of rigorous hard work and immense studying, assuring you that your scoliosis pilates session is in the hands of a truly experienced professional. 

These ScolioPilates sessions are available for all times of day to cater to you if your daily schedule is fully booked during certain portions of the day. For early sessions try scheduling in the 8am – 9am or 10am – 11am session time slots. Or perhaps further in the day such as 5pm – 6pm or 7pm – 8pm in the afternoon and evenings for early morning workers and students. Movement of Pilates in Santa Clarita will be there for you, stop by or book a session at https://www.movementofpilates