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Jump On The Pilates Train With Movement Of Pilates In Santa Clarita

Pilates is one of the most popular exercise disciplines, especially here in Southern California. Originally developed in Germany, Pilates is now a defining characteristic of the golden state.

At Movement of Pilates in Santa Clarita, our community can jump on that train and start a new healthy lifestyle. 

Whether you’re an avid runner, weightlifter, biker, skydiver or couch potato, Pilates can help you start or improve your movement. Designed to lengthen and strengthen your muscles, Pilates can be as low or high impact as you want; completely customizable to your needs. 

Owner and trainer Melissa Lee takes her 20 years of fitness experience and 18 years of Pilates instruction and uses her expertise to help people recover from injury, lessen scoliosis, strengthen muscles, and more. 

Armed with a staff with experience ranging from ScolioPilates, to marathon running, special needs classification, sports medicine, exercise physiology, and more! No one better understands individual needs than the staff at Movement of Pilates, many of whom have found Pilates to be their preferred method of exercise and recovery.

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“Helping improve the health of your body is our number one focus. For that reason, our team of all-star trainers is here to offer hands-on instruction and friendly guidance, but not judgment. Whatever your wellness goals, we’re here to make them into a reality!” says Movement of Pilates.

Pilates has only grown in popularity for good reason. Pilates is the perfect style of exercise to recover from injury or surgery, improve lung and cardio health, and strengthen your muscles. Whatever your personal goal is, the trainers at Movement of Pilates can help you reach your dreams.

Movement of Pilates is exceptional for many reasons. The staff offer a variety of different classes, including group classes, private sessions, express classes, therapeutic stretch Pilates, Pilates for scoliosis, and more, totally customizable to your body’s unique needs. 

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