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Exercises Anyone Can Do At Home

Sometimes, life gets in the way and we aren’t able to get to a gym or to the Movement of Pilates studio to get a session in.

As a result, the trainers at Movement of Pilates have picked three of their favorite exercises anyone can do at home. These exercises are meant to be for people of all skill levels, and can be completed as standalone exercises or in sequence.

As always, begin by stretching and (if you have one) lay out a mat on the floor.

The first exercise that can be done at home is the glute bridge. This exercise is performed by laying on the floor, and bringing each foot halfway to your torso while keeping them flat on the floor. Proceed to raise your hips off the ground, keeping your head and shoulders flat on the ground, and straighten your back while tightening the muscles in your stomach. Return your hips to ground and repeat the motion ten times.

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The second exercise that people of all skill levels can do at home is lying leg extensions. This exercise is performed by laying flat on the ground, then raising your heels slightly off the ground (no higher than six inches). Keeping your heels about six inches off the ground, bring your right leg to your torso, hold it there for one second, then extend the leg back out. Repeat this motion for your left leg. Continue to alternate sides and perform this motion a total of 20 repetitions, with each leg lift and extension counting as one repetition.

The third exercise and final exercise a person can do at home is goal post lifts. This exercise is performed by laying facedown on the floor with your toes touching the ground and nose raised just off the floor. Raise each arm about your shoulders, and form a 90 degree angle at each elbow to create a goal post, or “U”-shape, with your arms, keeping your elbows and palms in contact with the floor. Maintaining the goal post shape with your arms, use your back and shoulder muscles to raise both of your arms off the ground and flex them behind you as far as your body will naturally allow. Return your arms back to the ground to complete one repetition. Perform a total of ten repetitions.

These exercises are designed for people of all skill levels, and can be performed one at a time or together in sets. If you feel pain or discomfort stop performing these exercises immediately.

Enjoy your at-home exercises!