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Hate Running? Weightlifting Too Bulky? Try Pilates With Melissa Lee!

Movement of Pilates, the passion and business of training expert Melissa Lee, is located in Santa Clarita and offers options for anyone pursuing a life of fitness and health.

Movement of Pilates is a Pilates studio that focuses on exercise, rehabilitation, and feeling healthy, confident, and able. Owner and trainer Melissa Lee takes her 20 years of fitness experience and 18 years of Pilates instruction and uses her expertise to help people recover from injury, lessen scoliosis, strengthen muscles, and more. All the trainers in the studio have a passion for seeing people live life and achieve their goals, all aided by health and mobility.

“At Movement of Pilates we pride ourselves on our dual-focus approach to wellness, presenting the original techniques of Joseph Pilates’ curriculum in a modern and approachable way. We specialize in every fitness level and ability, whether you’re bouncing back from a baby, recuperating from an injury or training for your next marathon. There is no judgement here; only help, guidance and sincere friendship,” Movement of Pilates states.

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The dynamic workouts familiar to pilates experts is designed to lengthen, strengthen, and stabilize your body all while improving heart and lung health as well. Pilates combines stretching, light weight lifting, and cardio to give you the best workout. Personalized to your needs and strengths, the trainers at Movement of Pilates are ready to help you get to the next level.

Movement of Pilates is exceptional and unique. Their encouraging and knowledgeable staff offer a variety of different classes, including group classes, private sessions, express classes, therapeutic stretch Pilates, Pilates for scoliosis, and more, totally customizable to your body’s unique needs.

“Helping improve the health of your body is our number one focus. For that reason, our team of all-star trainers is here to offer hands-on instruction and friendly guidance, but not judgment. Whatever your wellness goals, we’re here to make them into a reality!” says Movement of Pilates.

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