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Embrace A Healthy And Fit Lifestyle Today With Pilates

Do you remember your New Year’s goals for 2021? It is not too late to start improving your health. It’s never too late, and Movement of Pilates in Santa Clarita can help you achieve a happier, healthier life.

Owner and trainer Melissa Lee takes her 20 years of fitness experience and 18 years of Pilates instruction and uses her expertise to help people recover from injury, lessen scoliosis, strengthen muscles, and more. Employing trainers who value the holistic benefits of exercise and Pilates is important to Lee, creating a supportive and encouraging environment for all clients. 

“Helping improve the health of your body is our number one focus. For that reason, our team of all-star trainers is here to offer hands-on instruction and friendly guidance, but not judgment. Whatever your wellness goals, we’re here to make them into a reality!” says Movement of Pilates.

As someone who values continuing education and always improving the craft, Melissa Lee has continued to evolve her practice and business as an instructor as new discoveries are made and is expert at using Pilates to find the best solutions possible for your lifestyle.

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Her staff has experience and education in a huge range of sports and exercises. Ranging from ScolioPilates, to marathon running, special needs classification, sports medicine, exercise physiology, and more! No one better understands individual needs than the staff at Movement of Pilates, many of whom have found Pilates to be their preferred method of exercise and recovery.

“At Movement of Pilates we pride ourselves on our dual-focus approach to wellness, presenting the original techniques of Joseph Pilates’ curriculum in a modern and approachable way. We specialize in every fitness level and ability, whether you’re bouncing back from a baby, recuperating from an injury or training for your next marathon. There is no judgement here; only help, guidance and sincere friendship,” Movement of Pilates states. 

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