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Various Pilates Classes Offered & The Benefits

Pilates is practiced by many people who want to get in shape, improve flexibility, recover from an injury and much more. Pilates benefits the body and the mind which can be therapeutic to many people. 

Santa Clarita’s Movement of Pilates offers many classes to people who want to expand their love of Pilates or simply need to improve their body. The classes offered are:

  • Private Pilates Session
  •  Group Equipment Pilates
  •  Express Pilates
  •  Therapeutic Stretch Pilates
  •  ScolioPilates

Private Pilates is a class that focuses on personalized workouts such as losing weight, gain muscles or get tones, increase flexibility and many more. Experienced instructors will be available to assist you and make sure you hit your wellness goal.

The class for Group Equipment Pilates is a fifty-five-minute workout that shapes your body and feel good about yourself. It focuses on full-body conditioning workout and strength-building such as core, back, and buttocks.  Group Equipment Pilates will not build any bulk to your body.

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Express Pilates is a great class for those who want a shorter and beneficial workout. It lasts for thirty minutes and includes cardio and quick transitions that strengthen your muscles. Instructors recommended to know Pilates prior on taking the class.

Therapeutic Stretch Pilates focuses on recovery from injuries or simply trying to stretch out sore muscles. There are many other elements this workout focuses on such as motion focus, stretching, foam rolling, and massage designed to reduce stress, improve energy, posture, and flexibility.

ScolioPilates is a class that focuses on the healing of any kind of injury, disability, and medical conditions. This class is great for those who cannot workout the same as other people due to their disability. 

Movement of Pilates cares about your fitness and wellness goals in their fun, friendly, and welcoming environment. They have certified trainers to help anyone according to their need or struggle in their body.

There are many different rates for sessions and depends on what you need to work out. Visit their website to see what classes and rates are perfect for your Pilates workout life.

Make sure to look out for any offers to get your discount on your first visit.